VIPER Scraper

OU Data Analytics Lab | 2019


The VIPER Scraper is an open-source system for scraping and ingesting multi-model data from Twitter and Instagram. The system includes You Only Look Once (YOLO) real-time object detection integration for Twitter, allowing users to analyze image data as it comes off the data stream. This is useful for uncovering relations between image data and natural language or other metadata, all of which is easily accessable with the VIPER system.

The VIPER scraper was developed to support projects at the University of Oklahoma Data Analytics Lab, including the Visual Inspection of Personal Exposed Records (VIPER) project.


Python, OpenCV, You Only Look Once (YOLO) Real Time Object Detection, Selenium

An example of a photo marked up by YOLO, pulled off the Twitter stream

Personal Portfolio Website

Responsive web application


You're looking at it! I hope you like it. I built this site to share my art and code, and to learn the tools necessary to create future projects.


Python, Django, PostgreSQL, Bootstrap, Amazon S3, and Heroku

different devices

Predicting Atomization Energies of Organic Molecules using Deep Neural Networks

Dr Yihan Shao Research Group | 2017


A deep neural network capable of predicting the atomization energies of organic molecules. Traditionally, the calculation of a molecule’s atomization energy is computationally expensive, slowing down the work of researchers. However, by using DNNs it is possible accurately predict atomization energies, thereby freeing computational resources and improving the workflow of the research team.

The network is accurate within a 2% error over the test set of organic molecules.


Python, Google TensorFlow



HackUTD project


AskUTD is an Alexa skill for UTD students providing live parking information, crisis hotline numbers, contact information for various offices, and fun facts about UTD.

This hack won first prize for the HackUTD AWS challenge!


Node.js, AWS Lambda, and the Alexa Skills Kit (ASK)

Winning a prize!


A game about riding walls

Wallrider is a game about falling down walls and shooting ghosts made in Game Maker Studio 2. You can download the game for free on


Game Maker Studio 2. Art assets were made primarily in Aseprite, and music was made in Bosca Ceoil

Wallrider splash screen